Our Brand: The Dual-Mode Learning

In-person/Remote in same classroom
All students interact with teacher directly 
Across geo barriers, no Snow Day, never close
Small class, class recording, never miss a lesson
Unique culture learning expeirence

A New and Unique 
Teaching & Learning Concept

In-Person/Remote Dual-Mode classes
Cloud tech makes education flexible and inclusive
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Do you know? Dr. Wobus was voted No. 1 in Chinese Language/Culture Education as one of the Most Outstanding Chinese Persons in the US Greater Washington DC Region

What's New

Student Classes

Chinese Classes: Courses   Register 
Vocabulary:Grade 3, Grade 4
Reading: Grade 5
Composition:Grade 6, Grade 7
Culture: 8th Grade, 9th Grade
Chinese application: SATII/AP Chinese exam prep, online mock testing
High School summer subject camp, internship
Chinese for non-heritage students

Youth Development

Help youths develop and grow  Apply 
High school/college students year-round intership
EQ Parenting seminars

Teacher Training

Organize、Chair, Lecture for Teacher Training:  Register 
Collaborate with curriculum authors, publishers
Conduct In-person/Remote seminars
Provide tech support for online events
Provide platform and video for real-time events
Collaborate with other organizations in across-land training

Cloud Tech Consulting & Training

Cloud Tech Consulting for Business  E-Register  B-Register
Help education/business to go the cloud
Built student management system
Promote cloud tech in management
Promote cloud tech for life-long learning and efficiency
Business entrepreneurship training

More Information

From Dr. Ma

Dr. Wobus
Pioneer of MLP Teaching in Greater Washington region
Inspiring, Encouraging, Challenging, Interesting
Teaching, Management, High Tech savvy
Promote new concept, promote curriculum value
12-year veteran teacher, cloud traveler, teacher trainer
Creative implementation of MLP curriculum 

“Up till now, among all of the teachers using my Chinese curriculum, Dr. Wobus is the only teacher with so many talents: her devotion to studying the curriculum, her dedication in teaching it, her enthusiasm and generosity in sharing her experience, and her perseverance in training and tutoring other teachers.  It is no accident that she has reached where she is now in her career.”
-Liping Ma, Ph. D.